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Forest Harvest Log Grown Mushrooms
& Wild Edibles
  Forest Harvest is a mushroom farm in Petersham, MA on land surrounded by protected forest. The entire region is agricultural, with a predominance of organic or sustainable methods. The Forest Harvest way of farming is strictly natural — simply allowing the decomposition of logs by mycelium under forest canopy. Ingredients are logs from local woodlands, mycelium varieties from organic cultivators, and artesian waters of the Quabbin watershed.  

The Farmer:
My name is Leo Mondragon & I grow several varieties of shiitake mushrooms in the traditional Japanese manner. Near the end of each winter, I begin with locally harvested oak logs — the very tops of felled trees, and inoculate them with the mycelium strains. All else is left to nature as the logs rest under our hemlock and pine canopy. I also cultivate a few strains of oyster mushrooms in maple logs, and each year I experiment with new varieties. The nuances of cultivation are sometimes subtle and it keeps the craft interesting. Walking into the woods, in anticipation of a day's harvest, and finding a burst of fruiting shiitake — is an excitement that never fades.

The Forager: I began hunting wild mushrooms and other wild edibles long before I began cultivating mushrooms. Indeed, wild mushrooms are the bulk of Forest Harvest sales. They are all foraged, sustainably, in and around New England, the Ohio Valley and regions south, as well as recent ventures into Quebec and New Brunswick. I don’t know what gives me more pleasure — hunting or cultivating. But something that I can tell you — the mushrooms I provide are absolutely the best available — all fresh and local — and many varieties not available elsewhere.

Availability: Fresh produce is naturally dictated by the seasons and weather, usually spanning May through November.

Customers: I currently sell Forest Harvest mushrooms and seasonal wild edibles, through a local farmer, at a farmer’s market in Boston, and in larger quantities to gourmet restaurants in New York and Boston — restaurants which thrive on fresh, local ingredients and a personal business relationship style.
If you love mushrooms, or love to cook and want to discover a new world, please browse these pages. If you are one of the many who really don't like mushrooms, you may be surprised to discover some wild varieties that could change your mind — we’ve seen it happen! I can point you to locations where Forest Harvest mushrooms are sold. If you are interested in large quantities, such as for your restaurant, please contact me for details.